Installation accessories

Visa Sports has all of the necessary material for building football pitches, golf courses, tennis and padel courts. As well as artificial grass, we provide the installation accessories for the complete sports project.

Every sport has its particular features and specific material. Here we show you the range of Visa Sports accessories for artificial grass covering different sports. If you still have some questions, contact our technical team and ask for any doubts that may arise in the process of installing artificial grass. We will guide you on the best way to design your field.

Accessories for our grass


Two-component PU adhesive for joining roles of artificial grass

Two-component polyurethane-based adhesive to apply in the seaming tape for a strong and discreet connection between the rolls of artificial grass. It hardens rapidly and is very adherent.

Available in 5 and 10 kg packs.

Seam tape

To connect rolls of artificial grass using PU adhesive

When installing two rolls of artificial grass in parallel, we have to connect them as follows: we place the seaming tape under the area where they have to be joined, we apply the adhesive to the tape, place the two rolls correctly together and allow them to dry. We have to achieve a firm and discreet connection.

Weed barrier mesh fabric

It avoids the appearance of weeds that can damage the grass

Geotextile nonwoven polypropylene fibre mesh that avoids weeds growing under the grass. It allows water and air to pass through. Weight 110 gr/m2

Available in rolls of 2.2 x 50 m (110 m2) and 2.0 x 100 m. (200 m2)


Staples to assure the connection between two rolls

Staples 150 mm long, used to assure the connection between two rolls if we want to strengthen the effect of the seaming tape with the adhesive. They are also used to pin down the perimeter of the grass and to make the installation even stronger.

They come in bags of 50 staples.

Marking line

Marking line

White artificial grass marking line to put the lines on padel and tennis courts, football pitches and multisport tracks. Easy to install and in total coherence with the ground.

Silica sand

It helps the grass to remain vertical and gives a more compact floor

Sand with a round grain of between 0.2 and 0.8 mm in diameter, used basically on padel and tennis courts to enhance the vertical memory of the fibres and to give the ground greater solidity. It is best spread uniformly over the surface of the court after the games, as the actions of the game can move it. Available in several colours, in Big Bag and 25 kg sacks.


Avoids the risk of injury thanks to its high capacity to absorb impact

Rolls of reticulate polyolefin foam are placed under the grass to absorb the impact of the ball and of the player if they should fall. It contributes to the uniformity of the course and is easy to install. Available in thicknesses of 8, 10, 12 and 20 mm.

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