VISA SPORTS artificial grass for tennis has been developed in response to a growing demand for a system to replace clay courts. The Roland Garros model has been designed for tennis players who want to play top level, and for clubs that want to offer courts and facilities that remain perfect all year round with minimum maintenance.

The behaviour of the ball, the characteristics of the game and the appearance of the court are comparable to those of clay courts.

Grass for playing like the tennis greats.



The Roland Garros has “UV Defender” treatment; the fibres are given a UVA protective film that protects them from the sun’s abrasion. We therefore manage to maintain the properties and the colour of the court for longer, extending the life of the court.


Unlike clay courts, our courts with the Roland Garros tennis grass model require very little maintenance and play is possible practically straight after the rain thanks to its water drainage system.


The responsibility of having a better planet is in our hands. Therefore, installing artificial grass is an ecological and sustainable alternative as it eliminates the use of fertilisers, pesticides and reduces water consumption.
For clubs this means considerable cost savings in the maintenance of the tennis courts. Artificial grass courts do not need to be cut or watered and the lines do not have to be continuously painted.


In the world of tennis, some of the injuries suffered by the players are caused by the bad state of the courts. We keep this in mind in VISA SPORTS, and have made a great effort to develop synthetic grass that minimises injuries and abrasion.


For a quality court

Fibres: Straight PE fibre.
Dtex: 8,250
Height: 12 mm.
Colours: terracotta red
Stalks/m2: 44,100
Fibre shape: Flat single filament
Backing: latex 1,050 g/m2


In VISA SPORTS we know the needs of our customers and the way they want to enjoy this sport in a pure state. Therefore, in addition to the best state-of-the-art grass, we offer all installation accessories necessary for planning a professional tennis court.


Two-component PU adhesive for joining roles of artificial grass

Two-component polyurethane-based adhesive to apply in the seaming tape for a strong and discreet connection between the rolls of artificial grass. It hardens rapidly and is very adherent.

Available in 5 and 10 kg packs.

seam tape

To connect rolls of artificial grass using PU adhesive

When installing two rolls of artificial grass in parallel, we have to connect them as follows: we place the seaming tape under the area where they have to be joined, we apply the adhesive to the tape, place the two rolls correctly together and allow them to dry. We have to achieve a firm and discreet connection.

silica sand

It helps the grass to remain vertical and gives a more compact floor

Sand with a round grain of between 0.2 and 0.8 mm in diameter, used basically on padel and tennis courts to enhance the vertical memory of the fibres and to give the ground greater solidity. It is best spread uniformly over the surface of the court after the games, as the actions of the game can move it. Available in several colours, in Big Bag and 25 kg sacks.

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